3 Tips to Keep Your Printed T-shirt in Tip-top Condition

Our wardrobes can be frustrating to maintain. As we change our clothes daily, often more than once a day, it can be tough to ensure the longevity of our clothes, especially since damage to clothes can come in many forms – a simple tear, a colour run, or when a shirt shrinks after a wash. To ensure that you keep the custom printed T-shirt in tip-top condition, here are some tips from fashion experts on the best ways to maintain your wardrobe.

Wash your clothes in moderation
In essence, don’t wash your clothes too many times. The more you wash a piece of fabric, the more likely it is to suffer from wear and tear – this is regardless of whether you hand-wash the clothes or put them in a washing machine. To wash a piece of clothing, you need to apply friction to it, and this friction can cause damage to the clothes.

Whenever you’re using the washing machine, opt to use the setting with the least amount of soaking and spin cycles. This helps to minimise contact between your clothes and your washing machine. It is also good to use as little detergent as possible, as the chemicals in detergent can fade, shrink and tear away some types of fabric. You should also try to wash your clothes inside-out so that the prints will not be damaged by the wash. The inside of the clothes, which are not usually seen when you wear them, should face the washing machine’s wrath instead.

Don’t use the dryer too much
When a dryer is used on your clothes, there is the heat that radiates from the dryer. This heat can cause damage to certain parts of your clothes, particularly the elastic and metal parts. If you have the time, try to dry your clothes out in the open air instead. You should try to dry the clothes on a clothesline or bamboo pole as soon as they finish washing, to prevent small wrinkles and to allow them to air. The gentle heat from the sun will not damage the clothes, and will also help to kill the germs that may still be on the clothing. Nothing beats the feeling of wearing a sun-dried shirt.

Immediately repair any small tears
It is normal to damage your T-shirt. However, it is important that you notice these tears and immediately work on fixing them, as wearing damaged clothes could result in bigger and bigger tears as you go about your daily business. This is true for loose buttons on jeans and button-down shirts as well. It will save you a lot of money to fix these small issues when you notice them, so you don’t have to buy replacement clothes when they become bigger and bigger issues.

If you aren’t confident in making your own repairs, you could search for a tailor who will help you make these repairs. However, in Singapore, that can be expensive and time-consuming. It is much more worthwhile to pick up quick sewing skills and a sewing kit.

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