6 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Hoodie Printing Service

Customised hoodies for teams, family reunions, and parties are becoming more popular every day in Singapore. Most people who preferred getting into a random shop and picking up a hoodie now prefer cozy and personalised hoodies that fit their taste and style. There are many cheap hoodie printing companies in Singapore selling high-quality hoodies of all sizes to both local and international clients. However, there are also companies who will provide substandard services at an inflated price to unsuspecting customers. Therefore, it would be ideal to conduct a thorough search for different companies in the country before hiring them for hoodie customisation. Below are some tips that you can use while looking for an ideal hoodie printing service.

Customer Service

Most people are usually uncertain about choosing the ideal fabric, design, and the techniques used in hoodie printing. The company employees should be willing to take you through the process right from the start to the methods they use, and the amount of time they take to complete the customisation. The customer service employee should be willing to do this either online, through a call or during your visit to the company. Keep away from any service provider that is not willing to give you more information about their services.


You can quickly identify the quality of a company’s service from their previous work and the customer service that you receive from them. Remember that the price of the hoodie printing service is not in any way related to the quality of service that a company provides. Some cheap hoodie printing Singapore companies may end up providing fantastic service while others with inflated costs offer poor services. You however should beware of any company with extremely low prices since their services might be wanting.

The Printing Method Used

You can either choose between the screen printed hoodies or the embroidered ones. If you are looking to add some elegance and beauty to your hoodie, then a company providing embroidery service should be your choice. Screen printing, on the other hand, is ideal if you are working on a budget and intend to print a large area on your hoodie.

Your Budget

Companies will always charge different prices depending on the size of your hoodie, the design, and the method they use to print. However, you should be cautious about any company charging way higher than the standard price. You may also find out that some cheap printing companies have the best rates for high-quality services.

Time to Complete the Job

If you are printing a hoodie for an upcoming event, then you might consider asking about the amount of time that a company would take to get the job done. It does not matter whether they have the best services or pocket-friendly prices, but you should stay away from a company that cannot deliver the hoodies within your desired time frame.

Ratings and Reviews

You can find the company of your choice by simply using the internet. Most printing companies in Singapore have social media pages and websites where you can visit and read their client’s reviews. This will inform you about the nature and quality of their services they provide. Keep away from any company with no reviews or one with many negative reviews.


Choosing a cheap hoodie printing company in Singapore will be easier if you follow all the tips above. Alternatively, you may ask for recommendations from friends and family members who have sought such services before. Remember that quality is not related to price, so you should avoid going for companies with the higher rates with the expectation of receiving quality service. Sometimes, an excellent service provider could also be your local screen printing shop.

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