Essential Items Every School Camp Needs

Every student has an opportunity to attend school camps during their academic years. These camps are fun, and they are great ways to build confidence and socialization skills among children. They also encourage students to be independent and improve their decision-making skills. Aside from gaining awareness, the camp can also help in reducing stress and anxiety. Additionally, these camps help to develop leadership skills and team-playing ability.

With that in mind, it is up to the organisers to make camp fun, exciting and inclusive.  There are a lot of things one can do to make the children feel positive about camp. In your planning strategy, don’t forget to factor in the fun part. Here are some things that every school camp need:


T-shirts can be a great uniform of sorts for camp. Rather than something more formal, t-shirts are causal and make children feel more at ease. Try t-shirts in fun and bright colors for different groups. Customised t-shirt printing services are excellent in assisting with this as they can be personalised with names or even motivational and positive slogans. Along with that, you can try matching with services like cap printing in Singapore, as camping can involve being in the sun for extended periods of time, so protective wear is encouraged. T-shirt printing Singapore often provide discounts for bulk orders so camp organisers should be able to get them easily.


Get everyone in the mood for camp by showing off some decorations, festivity and enthusiasm. Nothing says camp quite like flags and other decorations. Flags are a quintessential camp decoration. For the camp kickoff, assign each group with their own flag so that they can personalise their camp areas and feel more connected. Flags can also be in different colours or bear the traditional colours and emblem of the school.


No camp is complete without traditional games and activities. Games are a great way to get the students excited for camp and take on a more participatory role with greater enthusiasm. Games can also mean competition and nothing excites children more than some healthy competition. Games can include anything, including organised sport such as football and volleyball or something a little less formal such as ‘Truth or Dare’.

Point System

Having a point system at a school camp can divide people’s opinions. For some, it does not always promote inclusion and can create some complexes in those who are not able to perform as well. While there are those who believe that competition is a good motivator for everyone, the bottom line is that attention and conduct set the tone for camp. While it may still not be regular school camp, it has rules and guidelines, and everyone should follow them. A point system does not necessarily have to be about grading athletics or grades, but it can be about evaluating behaviour and overall discipline.

If you are looking for cheap jersey printing Singapore for school camps, then are plenty of options available for you, both in-store and online. Getting all the materials you need together will help to make the camp fun, exciting and enjoyable for all participants.

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