Shirt & T-Shirt Printing Methods

Silkscreen Printing for Shirt & T-Shirt Printing

Optimum cost efficiency can be achieved via silkscreen printing for t-shirt printing of 50pcs and above with the same design and few number of colours in the artwork. The cost of making the printing mould is divided by the total number of t-shirts; therefore, the more you print, the cost becomes lesser. Silkscreen printing is also the popular choice for large artwork i.e. A4 size and above. Silkscreen printing is the best solution for class t-shirt, workman uniform and event t-shirt due to its vibrant finishing and long lasting durability

Embroidery for Shirt & T-Shirt Printing

Embroidery is most suitable for logo sized artwork (up to 10cm x 10cm) with several colours in the artwork. Unlike silkscreen printing, embroidery does not involve making the mould for individual colours. However, embroidery requires a digitizing process where we convert your logo into a format recognized by the embroidery machines to do directly embroidery onto your apparel. This digitizing process is independent of the total number of colours in your artwork; therefore, if you have more than 5 colours in your logo, the best printing method is embroidery. Embroidery is best for corporate t-shirt and uniform as it portrays a professional image and elegant finishing.

Heat transfer/Vinyl printing for Shirt & T-Shirt Printing

Heat transfer printing involves a vinyl sticker cut from our plotter and transferred onto the garment through heat pressing. Heat transfer printing is best suitable for small quantity(less than 50pcs) with different designs i.e. soccer jersey names and numbers. As each sticker is printed and cut individually therefore the multiple designs/colours does not add on to the costing. Heat transfer printing is best for sports jersey printing, gradient and tone printing, individualised t-shirt printing.