Custom Prints aims to be a One-Stop Shop for all apparels needs of our clients. Besides our main product line, we also supply caps, ties, waistbands and bandanas. Feel free to contact our friendly sales person should you have any enquiries!

Here at Custom Print, our goal has always been to become a one-stop shop in Singapore for our client’s apparel needs. To fulfil our goal, we supply cheap products outside of our main product line in addition to providing our printing services. From aprons, business vests to caps and jerseys, you can find different types of apparel available for your business needs. Our products can be customised according to your preferred colour, while some products are available in different materials as well. Other apparel that we can supply in various quantities includes pants, jerseys and safety vests. If you require cheap printing services for other items, please refer to the other products we offer, such as polo tees and t-shirts.

As our apparels are of excellent quality, businesses can use them as a part of their employees’ uniforms. Our business vests, pants and ties can create a complete uniform that is suitable for waiters or other professional occupations. Businesses can contact us for more information regarding the products we provide and the customisation services we offer. Apart from supplying vests, ties and pants, we also offer printing services for polo shirts if companies require a top for their employees’ uniforms. Our aprons are available in either garbedine or viscose and come in different colours ranging from neutral colours like black and white to more vibrant colours such as red, yellow and neon green. Garbedine is a material that is both durable and can hold its shape even after repeated washes. Viscose is a type of rayon that was initially known as artificial silk and is known for having excellent colour retention and breathable. Businesses can choose between the two different materials depending on their needs. Similarly, our business vests are also available in the two various materials and a variety of colours. While the material of our caps, pants and vest cannot be customised, they are available in different colours, ranging from black to navy.

From the individual product pages, you can select your preferred colour for the products and the quantity you would like to order. For some items such as aprons and business vests, you may have the option of selecting the material as well. Once you have decided on your order, you can send your enquiry to our team. Our professional team at Custom Print will contact you soon and provide you with more details, and answer any questions you may have concerning your order. To support all our clients, delivery for any order is free-of-charge and will be dispatched promptly. We will inform you of any unforeseen delays, and work to ensure that you can receive your order as quickly as possible. If you have any additional enquiries, you can contact our call centre at the phone number provided.

Cap, Apron & Jersey Printing Services in Singapore