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Our Polo Tees are the best seller among the various products that we carry! Their usage ranges from business uniforms to corporate events (i.e. Family-day-outings) attires to sports wear such as golfing Polo Tees etc. Our Polo Tees are available in cotton, dryfit and honeycomb knitted material.

At Custom Print, we have a wide range of products that can be customised with your desired print. Our polo tees are one of the bestsellers among the products we offer in Singapore, due to their versatility and high quality. To ensure that you are satisfied with the final products, you can further customise the polo t-shirts by choosing the sleeve length and type of material. Additional customisation such as changing the style of collar is also possible at extra charges. Your custom designs can be printed on the polo tees by different methods such as silkscreen printing or heat transfer printing. The most suitable kind of printing method for your polo t-shirts will be dependent on the type of material you choose, and your custom design. For those that do not know which material they should pick, our experienced team can offer some suggestions.

Polo tees are incredibly versatile as they are suitable for different occasions, and can be worn comfortably for long durations. Businesses in Singapore can choose to use polo tees as part of their employees’ uniforms, as the design of polo shirts look more professional when compared to t-shirts. Organisations planning corporate events may also be interested in getting custom designs printed on polo tees for the participants to create a sense of unity among them. Polo tees are an excellent option for those that need to wear a more formal outfit in a casual setting. The polo shirts can be worn with jeans or shorts for a more relaxed outfit, or even with formal pants if needed.

Our polo shirts are available in different styles, from a polo tee with the standard collar and short sleeves to one with a mandarin collar and long sleeves. You can also choose from four different kinds of materials: cotton, dryfit interlock, dryfit eyelet and honeycomb. Cotton will be the most common material for clients that want the polo shirts to be comfortable and durable. For purposes that are more physically demanding such as sporting events, the dryfit material may be more appropriate as it absorbs and diffuses moisture quickly, keeping you feeling comfortable even hours later. For corporate purposes, the honeycomb material is usually the preferred choice due to the mix of cotton and polyester that is both durable and dries quickly. To cater to all our clients' needs, our polo shirts are available in a broad array of colours. From the classic white and black to shades of red, green and blue, you can choose your preferred colour for your polo tees.

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