Designing a t-shirt can be really fun but also a challenging task at the same time, especially if you have little to no prior experience in it. If you are completely new to this, it can be incredibly hard to even come up with an idea for the design, what’s more to produce it. 

By reading this guide, you will get an idea of how to start designing your own customized t-shirt. Just like ourselves, many printing companies have been able to do it successfully with the help of these tips. Here’s how you can effortlessly design a t-shirt in no time. 

These five important steps will cover the central theme of the topic, so make sure to check all of them before you move to the next stage!

Set the Goals

If you can imagine it in your head, you can paint it (or at least sketch parts of it) with your hands! You need to set the goals of your design and understand what you want to accomplish with this t-shirt. Whether it’s for personal use or a campaign, make a clear objective of the design. 

Of course, you also need to ask yourself and others around you whether you are sure with the purpose of your campaign – and more importantly, whether it is achievable with a piece of garment. Does the t-shirt showcase what you want to show or is it distracted from the goal? So, have a clear idea of goals and what design can help in reaching them best.

Bring Out the Creative Elements

Take your time and decide the logos, words, and images you need on your customized t-shirt. It is better to prepare a guideline so you know from where you have to begin designing the whole process. It will make sure whatever you need to display on your design is right in front of you so that nothing is missed. This step is especially crucial if you are customizing a t-shirt for an event or cause.

Collect Design Inspiration

Gathering design inspo may seem like it won’t help much, but collecting those designs can actually help you see things you like as well as spotting what you don’t like on other t-shirts. In turn, it can also encourage you to visualise your own tee. Whatever you like and take from the t-shirts you see, it should be similar to the design you want to see on your own attire. It lets you develop a better and creative idea of your customization. You can compare different t-shirts and see how they would look in your imaginary design.

Choose the Right Colours for Your T-Shirt

Colour is one of the highlights of your t-shirt. The colour you choose can significantly leave an impact on people’s perception of your message. For instance, a dark coloured t-shirt will give them a look of seriousness whereas the yellow colour would more fun – and there is no right or wrong! As long as it fits your message and the image you want to portray, it does what it’s supposed to.

Another rule of thumb you can follow when selecting the colours is to pay attention to the contrast. Choose light colours for your design on a dark base and vice versa. Creating a deep contrast between colours is essential if you want your design to pop out and can be easily distinguished from the background.

Get the Best Designer

You may know what you want best, but the right designer will know how to design it for you best. Hence, leave it to the professional! Not to mention, if you do not have prior experience in designing apparels, it can be tricky if you customize t shirt all by yourself. Therefore it is suggested to go for a designer and tell him your requirements or ideas. The right designer will bring your ideas to life and make it even more creative and unique.

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