Our hoodies and pullovers are made of fleece, a fabric known for its insulating properties and other benefits.
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Hoodies and pullovers are garments that are often worn over a top to provide warmth, although they are also commonly worn as a fashion statement. Despite the many criticisms about hoodies that have arisen overseas, they are still often seen in mainstream media, strengthening their position in the fashion industry. The normcore culture of wearing practical but inconspicuous clothing has also bolstered the presence of hoodies in the past few years, making them an effortless way to look trendy without trying too hard. Our hoodies and pullovers can be personalised at cheap prices, giving you the option of adding a logo or text on the products.

Despite Singapore’s tropical climate, there are still places where you can wear hoodies and pullovers comfortably without feeling too hot. Students can use hoodies in cold lecture theatres to keep themselves warm, especially if the lecture theatre is known for being extremely cold. For a unique take on the standard hoodie or pullover, you can customise your garment by adding a distinctive design. If your class is going for an overseas trip to colder climates, a hoodie or pullover will be very useful, especially if there are people in your class that do not have thicker clothing. The same applies to a business setting, where employees can wear a hoodie or pullover that is personalised with the company’s logo during an overseas trip. Apart from its functional purpose, a customised garment can be an easy way to advertise a school or business, helping to disseminate information on a large scale. In the office, employees can use pullovers to stay warm if the air-conditioning temperature is set too low.

Our hoodies and pullovers are made of fleece, a fabric known for its insulating properties and other benefits. Fleece can trap warm air between your skin and the material, keeping you warm, as the cold air cannot pass through the fabric. Another benefit of fleece will be its hydrophobic nature that allows it to retain its insulating ability even when the material is wet. Furthermore, fleece dries quickly and is machine washable, making it easy to clean and re-wear. Due to its many benefits, fleece is the preferred material for cold outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. Our hoodies and pullovers are available in three different colours: white, blue and red. Choose your preferred colour, and add a customised design to gain a cheap and unique hoodie or pullover in Singapore. While we offer different printing methods, the best method will depend on your design and the material of the products. To learn about the printing methods we recommend, contact our professional team today.

If you would like to learn about the prices or sizes for our hoodies and pullovers, contact us today via the enquiry tab or through the number provided. Our call centre in Singapore is open seven days a week to assist you in any way we can.

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Material  Fleece
Composition  50% Polyester 50% Cotton
Weight age  270 GSM
Why This  • Stylish, practical, and youthful

• Versatile fabric suited for various purposes

• Great comfort

• Hard-wearing with the colors holding up well over time

• Extra durability

• Less prone to wrinkling

• Ideal choice for sports and athletics due to its moisture-wicking properties

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Hoodie Measurement Unisex (In Inch)

Size Shoulder Chest Body Sleeve length
XS 15” 18” 25” 21”
S 17” 19” 26” 22”
M 18” 20” 27” 23”
L 19” 21” 28” 24”
XL 20” 22” 29” 25”
2XL 21” 23” 30” 26”
3XL 22” 24” 31” 27”
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