Towels are incredibly useful products that are practical and can be used for many purposes.
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Towels are incredibly useful products that are practical and can be used for many purposes. With a towel, you can quickly dry your face or body after a shower, or clean up messy spills. While towels may have been around even in the Middle Ages, they only became affordable in the 19th century due to industrialisation and the rise of the cotton trade. For clients that like the idea of a practical gift but want to make them more unique, we offer towel printing services for you to personalise the towels.

Personalised towels are an excellent option for businesses like hotels or even Airbnb homes that want to ensure their guests have a more comfortable stay. Gyms or other businesses in the sports industry that offers shower facilities should also consider using our towel printing services to print their logo on the towels. A personalised towel with a logo printed on it may help to deter thieves as compared to a plain towel without any distinguishable features. Towels can come in a large variety of sizes, from a hand towel to a bath towel. Hand towels can be used to dry wet hands after a person has finished washing their hands. Instead of using paper towels that have to be disposed of after a single use, hand towels are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective over a long time. Bath towels should be used to dry the body if it is wet after a shower or bath, and can come in different sizes.

Under our towel printing service, clients can choose between a hand towel and a bath towel. Our bath towels are available in three different sizes: 27cm by 54cm, 28cm by 58cm, and 35cm by 60cm. The hand towels measure 13cm by 28 cm, making them the perfect size for drying your hands. Both our bath and hand towels come in different colours, from light blue to green and purple. After you have chosen your preferred colour, our team can assist you in crafting a creative design to be embroidered on the towels.

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Towel Printing in Singapore | For Hands, Bath and Sports

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Material  Cotton
Composition  180 GSM
Weight age  Not applicable
Why This  • Fluffy and soft to touch

• High absorbency

• Ideal for sensitive skin

• Breathable material providing great comfort

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